Founded on passion and expertise

MTCS is a leading consultant and service provider for marine machinery equipment, established in 2023 on a strong cooperation between the shipping industry and Thomas King. Our passion, expertise, and tradition are the foundation of our high-quality services.

Our team’s extensive know-how is rooted in our long-standing experience at Wärtsilä 2-Stroke Services in Switzerland, where we served Sulzer, NSD, Wärtsilä, and WinGD 2-stroke engines in various key roles. Throughout that time we have also built close business relations with the engine designer, WinGD. Furthermore, our team has sailing experience and experience in machinery operations as well experience from engine builder factory, and ship repair yards.

Our experience base includes regular maintenance, complex engine repairs, engine recovery projects, engine and machinery assembly and commissioning, remote and on-site troubleshooting, damage assessment, operational and technical consultancy, engine efficiency optimization, and retrofitting. Our team also has extensive experience in on-site and back-office project management, including logistics and general arrangements for large repair and retrofit projects.

MTCS is represented by Mr Thomas King, managing partner, co-founder and highly engaged staff.

At MTCS, our customers projects are our passion and we are committed to delivering the highest quality service to our clients. Our mission is to ensure engine efficiency at its glance and minimized downtime.

Contact us today to see how we can help optimize your marine machinery equipment.